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Highest quality & transparency

Women's bodies deserve top quality. That’s why we guarantee that all our products are GMO-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, with no fillers, no added sugar, no preservatives and no glyphosates or heavy metals. All ingredients are tested and processed in Germany.

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Best raw material quality

All our products are 100% natural, lactose, gluten and GMO free, without any added sugar. Our raw materials are carefully selected and double tested.

Scientifically validated

Our formulas have been specially developed for the needs of women through midlife. They are based on the findings of numerous scientific publications and contain active ingredients whose safety and effectiveness you can trust.

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Free from unnecessary additives

We give your body only what it needs. In order not to burden it unnecessarily, we refrain from any additives - no added sugar, no fillers, no artificial flavours or other additives.

Certified, double tested quality

Our products stand for high quality and accuracy. We attach great importance to the control of all raw materials in the laboratory to ensure that they are free of bacteria, impurities and heavy metals. Strict quality assurance is carried out before and after production. Documentation of each step of production guarantees compliance with high quality standards.

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Controlled production

We produce in medium-sized, German plants that are certified for adherence to good manufacturing processes. Strict quality standards such as HACCP, DIN EN ISO 9001 and GMP certification guarantee that purity and composition are correct in every product. Our high-quality, light-protected brown glass jars offer reliable protection against oxidation and UV radiation without reacting with the ingredients. Free of BPA, plasticisers, microplastics and 100% recyclable.

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Founded by women, developed by women

From midlife onwards, women develop a new, strong power. The most important basis for this is their mental and physical health and fitness. All our XbyX products and programs are designed to support them in doing just that. A smart and holistic combination of science and nature. We combine science-based findings, expert knowledge and an active pro-age community to best accompany women through perimenopause, menopause and into old age.

What our experts say

XbyX supports women in finally understanding their bodies better because few women know that hormonal changes often begin as early as their mid-thirties.

Dr. Susanne Esche-Belke

General Practitioner, Author of "Midlife Care"

It is really high time that a company thinks holistically and implements health for women in menopause and beyond. Thank you, XbyX!

Dr. Med. Andrea Gartenbach

Specialist in Internal Medicine

A healthy, nutrient-rich diet is the essential foundation for women's health as they age. XbyX shows how it's done right and provides valuable support.

Dr. Simone K. Frey

Ecotrophologist & Founder of NutritionHub

Nutrition is central to healthy ageing, and the quality of the end product begins with the right ingredients. XbyX has done an exceptional job and invested a lot of energy into this - with great success.

Dr. Christiane Strasse

Qualified businesswoman and raw material expert

XbyX breaks the taboos surrounding women's health and paves the way for a holistic and personalised journey towards enhanced well-being.

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Anna M. Erat

Specialist in General Internal Medicine

Finally! An approach that does not define the accompanying symptoms of this phase of life as a disease but offers an alternative approach for confident, modern women.

Dr. Vincenzo Bluni

Specialist in Gynaecology

The essential nutrients also have a fundamental impact on the psyche. This, combined with the fact that XbyX approaches the topic of menopause proactively and positively, provides important support for all women.

Helga Odendahl

Diploma Psychologist and Depth Psychotherapist