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Hormones are chemical messengers that play a crucial role in controlling various processes in our body, such as heart rate, appetite, mood, reproduction, sleep cycles and stress resistance. Even minor changes can disrupt their delicate equilibrium. Factors like improper nutrition, medications, stress, environmental hormones, or the natural hormonal shifts during midlife, like menopause, can throw our hormones off balance, and we feel the effects. This may result in low energy, fatigue, mood swings, reduced stress tolerance and increased irritability.

Achieving hormonal balance is closely tied to maintaining a balanced diet that includes plant-based ingredients. These provide essential nutrients and contribute to a healthy metabolism in the digestive system.

Numerous studies have shown that what we eat can have a positive effect on our hormonal balance and on our overall well-being during menopause. This means the easiest and fastest way to improve your hormonal balance is by incorporating plant-based proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and specific plant extracts into your diet. 

We founded XbyX to support you on this journey. We offer a range of XbyX products to support your nutritional needs and provide you with the essential knowledge you need to get through menopause with confidence.

Our name, XbyX, is a combination of "Step by Step" for gradual changes and improvements to our diet and lifestyle, and "X X" to represent the female chromosome. Perfectly unique, just like you!

We made a conscious choice to offer our products in powder or oil form instead of capsules. Capsules usually come with an extra casing that needs to be swallowed, and we wanted to avoid that. We also wanted to stay away from additives like hydroxypropyl methylcellulose found in plant-based capsule shells and unnecessary carriers like maltodextrin. Our aim is to give you the flexibility to seamlessly incorporate our products into your daily routine. We didn't want our products to feel like medicine, either.

Each serving of our powders and oils is filled with pure active ingredients. Our products do not contain sweeteners like dextrose and anti-caking agents like magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide. This way, you can trust that you're getting a product packed with only what you need.

The powder and oil form also allows you to easily combine our products. You can mix them into water, smoothies, cereals, or other foods and beverages without any hassle. It's a simple and convenient daily addition to a healthy diet.

Yes! You can use almost all of our products before and after menopause. All of our XbyX products are carefully developed to cater to the specific needs of women in midlife, providing them with essential proteins, vitamins and vital nutrients. These nutrients and plant extracts are beneficial for younger and older women alike. Many of our younger customers find that XbyX Daily Energy adequately supplies them with all the protein they need, while products like XbyX Take It Easy help them maintain a positive mood and sense of balance. The only exception is Peri Balance, which is specially formulated for a very specific phase of menopause and is not recommended for men, or anyone who is not in the perimenopause phase.

Whether it's in the morning, evening, or multiple times throughout the day, the choice is yours! Add XbyX Daily Energy to your morning smoothie, shake, or cereal, savour it in the afternoon, or even enjoy it as a light and satisfying dinner. Let your creativity flow and make XbyX Daily Energy work best for your preferences and lifestyle.

Some people are allergic to soy or have trouble digesting soy, and others may prefer to limit their soy intake for various reasons. That's why we've formulated XbyX Daily Energy using a blend of five plant-based proteins: pea, hemp, lupine, sunflower and rice. This combination ensures a complete amino acid profile, including all 9 essential amino acids. We've carefully crafted it for optimal solubility with the perfect texture and taste. If you enjoy soy milk, simply mix XbyX Daily Energy with your favourite soy milk. We believe in providing choices that cater to your individual needs and preferences.

XbyX Daily Energy Protein Superfood Shake is a food product that aims to cater to the needs of as many women as possible. While it provides a solid foundation, it is not intended to substitute high-dose or highly concentrated vitamins and minerals. It's important to complement your vitamin intake with fruits and vegetables and, if necessary, consider taking additional supplements based on your individual requirements. The best way to determine your specific vitamin and mineral needs is through a blood test as it provides a more accurate assessment of your specific nutritional needs.

XbyX Daily Energy is not intended as a meal replacement on its own, as a 30g serving provides only 100 calories. However, you can incorporate XbyX Daily Energy into your meals by adding other nutritious ingredients. For instance, you can blend it with fresh fruits or include it in smoothies, cereals or yoghurt for a wholesome and satisfying meal. Visit our recipes page for some fantastic ideas and inspiration.

XbyX Daily Energy can assist you in achieving your weight loss goals within the context of a healthy, well-balanced and calorie-conscious diet. By incorporating XbyX Daily Energy into your daily routine, you'll benefit from its valuable proteins, fibre and superfoods. This nutrient-rich support is especially important during midlife, as it plays a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy weight.

To achieve the best results, we recommend using our products daily for several weeks. Sometimes when taking plant extracts, it takes some time to feel the effects and see results.

If you often feel stressed and experience mood swings, XbyX Take It Easy is the perfect choice for you. Need a clear and focused mind? Opt for XbyX Think Clearly. Want an extra boost of creative energy? Try XbyX Lust For Life. And if you're in the perimenopause phase, adding XbyX Peri Balance to your routine is highly recommended. Can't decide? You can also combine our plant-based powders without overdosing, and you can take them daily.

women notice a difference within a few days, while others need 3-4 weeks of consistent use to see improvements. Our bodies are unique, and the impact of plant extracts can vary accordingly. Don't expect a miracle cure. Instead, focus on taking good care of your body every day by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using our plant-based powders to support your well-being.

The active ingredients of our plant-based powders are formulated in such a way that you can take them individually or in combination without the risk of overdosing.

It's completely up to your individual preferences. Need a little bit of everything? Then mix the powders in a smoothie, add them to your cereal, or make a shake with XbyX Daily Energy.

Our recipes and formulas are centred around bioactive ingredients, such as finely ground herbs, berries, roots and medicinal mushrooms. These ingredients naturally have a slightly bitter taste, rather than being sweet. We consciously refrain from using flavour enhancers and exclude anything that doesn't provide added value. Our focus is on promoting health and purity. However, there are plenty of ways to incorporate our plant-based powders into your daily routine in a delicious way. Our collection of versatile and nutritious recipes will inspire you!

All of our XbyX products are vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free and do not contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The only exception is Collagen Kick which is a vegetarian product. The collagen used in Collagen Kick is derived from eggshell membrane, as there is no naturally occurring vegan collagen. Plants do not produce collagen, but there are plant-based substances like vitamin C and copper that support collagen production.

Each ingredient in our products is carefully selected based on insights from numerous scientific studies. We work closely with a team of doctors and scientists on our advisory board to continually improve and refine our formulas, validating them through testing and customer feedback. Prior to production, all of our raw materials undergo thorough examination and testing in our partner laboratories, ensuring compliance with strict standards (HACCP, DIN EN ISO 9001, GMP certification). It's important to note that while the individual ingredients have been studied extensively, the specific combinations found in our products have not undergone separate scientific testing. Conducting comprehensive double-blind, randomised studies for dietary supplements is a costly and time-consuming process typically reserved for pharmaceuticals due to patent protection. Unfortunately, such studies are not economically viable for dietary supplements. Nonetheless, we prioritise the quality and efficacy of our products by relying on the existing scientific knowledge of the individual ingredients and their benefits.

Our XbyX Daily Energy provides 63.8 micrograms of iodine per serving, which accounts for 43% of the recommended daily intake. 

This amount of iodine is generally well tolerated and can have a supportive effect on the thyroid gland, especially for individuals with an underactive thyroid or Hashimoto's disease. However, if you have an overactive thyroid you should not take any additional iodine. If you are unsure, we recommend consulting with your doctor or healthcare provider before using our products.

It's worth noting that our plant extracts, such as ashwagandha in XbyX Take It Easy and maca in XbyX Lust for Life, do not contain iodine. They consist of beneficial nutrients and adaptogens that help promote balance in the body. 

Additionally, the Spirulina used in XbyX Think Clearly is sourced from freshwater algae and does not contain iodine.

We collaborate with medium-sized businesses in Germany that specialise in plant extracts and plant-based proteins. Our trusted partners produce our products to the highest quality standards for us.

When vitamins are exposed to high heat during cooking, the vitamin content gradually diminishes. The speed at which this happens can vary depending on the vitamin. Most vitamins remain relatively stable at temperatures of up to approximately 50°C. However, more delicate vitamins (such as vitamin C, B1 and B5) can lose about 50% of their content at temperatures around 100°C. Vitamin C, in particular, starts to reduce its vitamin content even at temperatures as low as 30°C.

If you want to mix XbyX Daily Energy into your porridge, we recommend cooking your porridge first and then stirring XbyX Daily Energy into it afterwards. This allows the oatmeal to cool slightly, ensuring that all the important nutrients are preserved. The same applies to our plant-based powders. If you want to mix them into hot beverages, it's best to do so when the drink has cooled down enough to drink.

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