“I wanted to make myself feel generally better.”

Three years ago, having already suffered an injury, Claire started dealing with a lot of menopausal symptoms which were preventing her from returning to her beloved gym routine

Like roughly ⅔ of women during the menopause, Claire suffered from consistent night sweats and hot flashes, which were drastically affecting her sleep and therefore her energy levels throughout the day. Ultimately, her daily gym routine fell by the wayside, and so she sought out a way to cope with the symptoms and get herself feeling better overall.

Her goals were clear: improve muscle tone, get back into her gym routine, and find some relief for her night sweats and interrupted sleep. She then found our superfood protein shakes, XbyX Daily Energy and Daily Energy Plain.

More than just a protein shake

A delicious superfood shake, XbyX Daily Energy is packed full of protein, as well as essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins. Developed by experts, the shake is designed specifically for women in the menopause.

Night issues disappearing almost overnight

Claire started implementing the shakes into her daily morning routine and quickly noticed a difference.

She admits she was somewhat surprised to see just how fast her sleep improved - with the night sweats and hot flashes becoming almost non-existent as soon as she started taking Daily Energy and returning to her gym routine.

With her energy levels and daily workout sessions back, Claire also commented on how beneficial the products were with regards to building and maintaining muscle.

The power of protein

“It’s quite difficult as an older woman to get enough protein in.”

Claire was unaware prior to her experience with XbyX that women require a significant amount of protein during the menopause in order to battle muscle loss and also maintain a healthy weight.

She feels the necessity of protein in menopausal women’s diets has been exemplified by her own experience, as she saw dramatic improvements in her overall well-being once she upped her protein intake.

However, it wasn’t just her general state that improved - Claire saw great improvements in her muscle mass after incorporating Daily Energy into her daily nutrition. She noted that, while she has found it harder to build and maintain muscle as she’s aged, the protein shakes have helped her to achieve good, toned muscles.

She also commented on just how easy Daily Energy makes it to get the protein into her diet. Aware of the need for protein but wary of menopausal weight gain, Clare wanted to avoid exacerbating said weight gain - which is very possible if you try and get the protein you need only via food. Providing a large amount of protein without a minimal number of calories. Claire found the shakes to be the perfect solution.

“I use it to help me maintain muscle tone and ensure that I’m getting enough protein.”

Packing in the protein!

Our Daily Energy Superfood Protein Shake contains ​​plant protein concentrate with dietary fibre, vegetable powder, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. Per serving, the shake offers up 52% protein at only 100kcal per serving.

Claire's XbyX Routine

Claire wakes up at 5am to get to the gym for 5:20 and refuels afterwards with XbyX Daily Energy and Daily Energy Plain.

She adds 10g of the sweetened version and 20g of the non-sweetened version to a mix of lightly cooked spinach, kale, avocado and a variety of fruit and mixes it in her blender with water. Each day, she also adds one of Phyto Power, Lust For Life and Think Clearly into her shake for added benefits.

Not only does she enthuse about how great it feels to get so many greens into her system so early in the morning, but also how great the smoothie tastes.

Similar but different

While both providing you with the protein you need, XbyX Daily Energy and Xbyx Daily Energy Plain are not quite identical. While both are low in calories, Daily Energy Plain contains no artificial sweeteners or added sugar, making it the perfect supplement if you want to get your protein as part of a savoury dish.

Feeling better overall

Having incorporated the shakes into her daily routine, Claire feels very aware of the benefits Daily Energy has brought into her life - which goes beyond what has already been mentioned.

She has a sense that she has much more stable blood sugar levels and hunger levels throughout the day. She continues to feel good right into the late afternoon, whereas without the shake she claims her batteries would usually run quite low..

She also feels she eats better, has fewer sugar cravings and makes better dietary decisions when she starts her day off right with a shake full of greens and protein. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Find your inner balance

Our Balance Bundle contains five products that will help you restore your hormonal balance and find a new lease on life. Each product targets a different set of issues brought about by the menopause, while the accompanying body balance guide helps coach you through it all.

Try it out!

Claire has naturally integrated XbyX into her daily routine along with healthy eating and exercise and feels fantastic! Try XbyX, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, to support your body's specific needs. We promise you it’s worth it!

Based on the findings of numerous scientific publications, we have selected the precise nutrients needed by the body from the second half of life onwards. These include finely balanced proteins, minerals, vitamins and fibre. All our products are made in Germany, plant-based, natural, soya-free, lactose-free, gluten-free and GMO-free. We do not use any additives - no added sugar, no fillers, no artificial flavours or other additives. XbyX products support you during hormonal changes in midlife and beyond!