Embracing the Pro Age Philosophy: Celebrating Life Every Day

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There's something truly wonderful about embracing each stage of life with conscious joy. And guess what? That's exactly what we do at XbyX! We wholeheartedly promote a Pro Age mindset.

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For us, Pro Age means embracing the beauty of ageing with confidence. We want to highlight the fabulousness of all women, especially as they enter midlife. Our message to all the phenomenal women in their forties, fifties and beyond is: you are absolutely amazing just the way you are!

But Pro Age goes beyond mere compliments; it’s about taking a positive approach to the changes our bodies undergo and actively embracing them, too. We believe that the daily choices we make have the greatest impact on our well-being as we age.

Granny Dress or Skinny Jeans?

Have you ever been told you shouldn’t wear something because you’re “too old”? Can women in their middle years wear skinny jeans? What about having long, flowing locks or going wild on the dancefloor? Can we take part in active sports? What about wearing stylish pumps or trendy trainers? Our answer to all of the questions above is a resounding yes!

Sadly, stereotypes around ageing women persist and many limitations are imposed on women in midlife. We are often told we are “past our expiration date”, that it’s “too late” or we’re “too old” to try new things. But we are here to tell you that midlife is where the real adventure begins, ladies!

Whether you are in your early forties, turning 50, or well beyond that, we refuse to be confined to society's narrow expectations of what ageing gracefully means. Let's shatter the stereotypes surrounding women over 40. They’ve been around long enough. And then, let’s graciously step into the second half of life with strength, enthusiasm, curiosity and a healthy dose of self-confidence! 

Carpe Diem - It’s Your Time Now!

Women of all ages now have the power to reach for their dreams and re-invent themselves in midlife. The best part is that each of us can draw on the wisdom and experiences we went through over the past few decades to fuel our transformations. How incredible is that?! Whether it's pursuing a new career, finding a new partner, taking up a new hobby, trying a new sport, moving to a different country or embarking on new adventures in the bedroom – the possibilities are endless. As they say, "Use it or lose it!" Being a woman in her forties or fifties today means breaking free from outdated societal expectations.

The Perfect Time for Self-care is Now

The onset of menopause, accompanied by hormonal changes that begin with perimenopause, signifies our midlife phase and presents a crucial window of opportunity for prioritising our health. It's high time we pay closer attention to our own well-being. It’s not enough to state our needs. We must also act on them. Nutrition, in particular, plays a vital role in hormonal balance and preventing age-related health issues.

Exercise, nutrition, sleep, rest and relaxation – in short, prioritising self-care – have never been more important for achieving physical and mental equilibrium. This is our primary mission as it lays the foundation for health and vitality as we age gracefully.

Here at XbyX, we aim to shed light on this pivotal stage of life. Because, let's face it, botox won't protect any of us from osteoporosis and hyaluronic acid won't ward off Alzheimer's disease. Our mission is to arm you with knowledge and our range of natural, plant-based products. We embrace a holistic approach that incidentally inspired our company’s name: XbyX is a blend of "Step by Step" symbolising the gradual changes in our diet and our lifestyles and "XX" representing the female chromosome.

Embracing Strength, Wisdom and Experience

Women in midlife possess incredible strength and a wealth of wisdom gained through their life experiences. We have a deep understanding of ourselves and an eagerness to continue growing and learning. Interestingly, in many indigenous cultures, older women are highly revered for their wisdom and enjoy a respected position within the community.

At XbyX, we have a powerful message: Reject societal norms and expectations! Let's become role models for one another, inspiring and empowering each other to be our true and authentic selves. Together, let's celebrate womanhood and embrace the beautiful journey of life that is filled with constant change!

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Inspiration from Strong Women

We’ve got you covered! Here's a small selection of incredible and inspiring women thriving in their second half of life:

  • Helen Mirren - At 75 years old, she remains stunning and unapologetically true to herself. With her iconic quote, "I wish I said fuck off more as a young woman," she fearlessly challenges societal conventions.

  • Michelle Obama - At 56 years old, she openly discusses menopause on her podcast, sparking global media attention. It's a testament to the fact that the topic is still new and unfamiliar territory for many people around the world! 

  • Renée Zellweger - At 51 years old, she may have had a little cosmetic work done, but so what? Men have cosmetic surgery, too. Embodying grace and allure, she continues to shine on the red carpet.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow - At 47 years old, whether or not you endorse her alternative ventures like vaginal jade eggs, one thing is clear: she fearlessly tackles unconventional topics, built a successful company and remains true to herself.

  • Birgit Schrowange - At 62 years old, she proudly embraces her natural grey hair, setting a fantastic example for women everywhere. We believe every woman should have the freedom to be herself, and most importantly, as women, we should support and uplift one another.

Join us on this remarkable journey, where we celebrate the strength, wisdom and authenticity of women like you!