Cappuccino Shake

An XbyX Energie Cappuccino Shake with chocolate sprinkles on top and ice cubes in it presented on a wooden chopping board with a silver spoon next to it. In the background you can see a tin of the product XbyX Daily Energy.

Our Cappuccino Shake is a calorie-conscious, protein-rich delight. Perfect for a quick treat - it's packed with plant-based protein, fibre, vitamins and a shot of espresso.

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You might be wondering if coffee is good or bad for you. Can you indulge or should you avoid it? As is often the case, there's no one-size-fits-all answer. If you tolerate coffee well, then by all means enjoy a fresh pot, a cappuccino or latte. If, however, drinking coffee gives you heart palpitations, makes you feel restless or exacerbates your hot flushes, then the logical thing to do is to cut it out of your diet.

Even for those of us who do tolerate coffee well, it's important not to overdo it. Experts recommend a maximum of two to three cups per day. It’s also best to avoid having any coffee after 2:00pm, as it can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.

Coffee is associated with numerous health benefits, primarily because of its antioxidant content. These benefits include protection against diabetes, Parkinson's disease, depression and certain types of cancer. That said, here at XbyX, we advocate for getting a sufficient amount of antioxidants primarily through fruits and vegetables.

Our Cappuccino Shake recipe is quick and simple to make. It’s a combination of a shot of espresso and our protein-rich XbyX Daily Energy - Protein Superfood Shake, which is the ideal foundation for a range of nutritious shakes, smoothies and cereals. Daily Energy gives you all the added proteins and superfoods you need. It’s a wholesome way to kickstart your day or to simply enjoy it as a healthy snack.

Why it’s Good for You

  • Proteins and fibre help you to feel full for longer and provide a sustained release of energy.
  • Coffee naturally contains the stimulant caffeine and many antioxidants.
  • Women over 40 need protein! Besides protein, XbyX Daily Energy also contains fibre, vitamins and minerals.


Makes one serving:

3 tbsp (30g)       

300 ml

cold soy or oat milk (or any other type of milk you prefer)

1 shot / 1 cup

of cold espresso or coffee - as strong or weak as you like

1 tsp (=3g)


Put all of the ingredients into a shaker or blender and mix until the Cappuccino Shake is smooth and creamy. Then pour it into a glass and drink the Cappuccino Shake immediately. Best served ice cold!


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